Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Down on the Farm (5th Annula Upstate Farm Tour)

Grab your straw hat, put on your overalls, and show your support  to our own local farmers(while learning a few things too!).  The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association  is hosting its 5th annual farm tour June 4th and 5th, each day from 1pm-6pm.

This is your chance to see farms in action.  There are 20 different farms participating in the Upstate.  Each unique and their product vary anywhere from fresh cut flowers, to veggies, to buffalo!  Bring a cooler with you to keep any goodies nice an cold that you pick up along the way.  Another important tip, credit cards are not accepted so remember to bring cash!

The charge is $25 per vehicle (in advance) or $30 on tour days (make it cheaper by loading up and splitting the cost with friends). Visit as many farms as you like, and in order you want for that price, but be aware that there are more farms than you will have time for. There is a second price option of paying $10 at each farm.  It is suggested to plan out your day ahead, expecting to be able to visit three - four farms in a day. Two of the farms will offer "Meal Stops" featuring local chefs.  These will be available from 12pm - 5pm and meals are not included in the tour fee.

It is asked (for the safety of yourself and the farm) that you :
  • Do not bring pets
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided (sometimes you may even be asked to sanitize your shoes)
  • Keep an eye on your children
  • Do not enter private homes
Interested?  Check out carolinafarmstewarship.org to see the list of farms and what each farm is showcasing, as well as other important information such as which farms offer "kid appeal" and more importantly which have public restrooms available.  :) And of course you can buy your "button" (ticket) on the site.  You can also pick up a brochure and purchase "buttons" at  the Whole Foods Market (co-sponsor to the event) on Woodruff Road.

Can't make it?  No worries, you can still have your share of fresh local produce.  From May thru October 25th, Whole Foods hosts a Tuesday Local Farmers Market from 10-2pm in their parking lot.  Be sure to stop in and show your support to the local farmers of the upstate!

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