Friday, May 13, 2011

Mice on Main-a family scavenger hunt

Here is a free family event that is sure to get your kids moving.  Take an afternoon and search for the popular Mice on Main, 10 uniquely sculpted critters, scattered thought downtown Greenville on Main Street.  The mice were sculpted by local artist Zan Wells.

10 hints to find the Mice are found here.  You can also find more history and merchandise on the Mice on Main website.

Make it more educational:
  • read the book
  • talk about the art
  • count the steps it takes to get from mouse to another
  • read your children the history and the making of the mice
  • let your budding reader read the hints himself
Make it more fun:
  • Invite another family to join you and race.  Or split up boys against girls!

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